The Best Locator/Tracking Devices-Kids Safety

The Best Locator/Tracking Devices-Kids Safety

Here is a summary of the top three Children’s locator/ tracking devices available

First up is the well-known and well-rated…

Guardian Angel Child Tracker/Locator

Child tracking gps

A perfect device for days trips to the beach, zoo or even the mall. The cute design appeals to younger children and for a parent or carer of more than one child under 7 the Guardian Angel Tracker is a godsend.

Comes with up to 4 tags in the shape of different coloured ladybirds, and a master unit.

Both the master unit and ladybirds beep when the child wanders out of the parent set perimeter. The master unit also vibrates and plays a melody to ensure it gets your attention. The 4 LED lights indicate in which direction your child has strayed.

At around $72 this device is a steal! (click on the image to find stockists)


Next up is the PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator

personal gps locator tracker


The PocketFinder is a small, neat and unobtrusive little device that works worldwide.

You can manage multiple devices on a single account and is great for keeping track of children, elderly or luggage for example. This can be used in a car and keeps track of speeds too.

You can set a zone that when reached or crossed sends alerts to your PC or Mobile with a free mobile app.


Battery life is 1-5 days so is somewhat limited, but for the price of $93; and as with all GPS locators, a monthly service plan (£12.95 for the PocketFinder) this is great just for day trips, the daily commute to school, or a flight for example where you can charge it on its base at the end of the day.

The HereO tracking watch

HereO kids gps tracking watch

Soon to hit the market is the HereO. The world’s smallest connected- tracking device. This trendy and conmortable watch has been three years in the making and is sure to become very big news. It not only looks cool, but it IS cool!

This waterproof device has up to 50 hours between charges. One app works for the entire family enabling each member to share their location by simply using the app, or ‘checking-in’ to a specific location.

A virtual fence can be set around certain areas, home, school or work say with the parent notified when someone arrives or leaves that location.

Available for pre-order here: