A Perfect Day in Your Smart Home

Smart house devices


Morning has come to your Smart Home, the home of the future today. As your personalised wake-up playlist slowly comes up on the speakers hidden around your room, the home computer, programmed weeks before on your iPhone, opens your curtains to let in the light of a sunny day. If it had been cloudy, you know the house would have brought up the lights as well.

Automatic Curtain Opener


A low hum comes from the kitchen, accompanied by the smell of coffee wafting through moments later as your coffee maker grinds and brews you the perfect cup of coffee. You had ordered espresso with two sugars for today, if you remember correctly. As you stroll into the common area, you catch sight of the Roomba just tucking itself away under your couch, finished hovering your floors.

Programmable Coffee Maker

Programmable coffee maker



robot hoover


The telly turns itself on at your presence, finding the news program you tivoed. Imagine waking up at 6 just to see the program you wanted! The way we used to live… As you sip your coffee (macchiato, you forgot it was Tuesday) and watch the news, you hear your shower warming up for you. Best get in and get going, time for work soon. Before you head to the bathroom, you instruct the house to play something more up-tempo. It’s time to get going.

home music theater

Networking Home Theater


As you step out of your shower – always just the right temperature – the red heat-lamps come on as if by magic, keeping you warm as you dry off. You hear the gentle click of your cat-door opening, having sensed Jasper by the chip the vet implanted, and opening only after 7am. As jasper glides up to his feeding station, he is rewarded with the perfect measure of food and fresh water. Jasper is no more surprised than you – he expects his every whim to be satisfied automatically. Of course, he did in the old house too.

Automatic Cat/Dog Flap

automatic cat flap


You stroll into the bedroom again, and the music follows you, muting in the hallway and coming up gently around you. The lights come on again as well just as the wardrobe doors open so you can select today’s outfit. Another tap: the weather is going to turn cold just before lunch. Best wear a cardigan today. As you leave the bedroom you hear a car horn outside you tap your iPhone and see the security camera feed. It’s Larry, your car-pool buddy. It really is time to go. As you step out the door, you see your lights and AV system powering down, and your curtains closing again. The security system app beeps comfortingly to you as you step into the car.


After a long day at work, your home knows just what you need. The heating has come on via your NEST thermostat which has learned just how you like it– it did get cold over the afternoon, and soft Nest Google thermostatmusic greets you as you open your door. No keys for you, it recognised you by your phone and unlocked for you. As you sit on the couch, Jasper finally comes to demand attention and the TV comes on, the music muting automatically. What to have for dinner?


“show me my favourite restaurants for delivery.” You tell your phone. A list comes up on the Telly, and you select the Chinese down the street. You tap your selections from their website and click ‘order’. Let them take it from there. “Netflix, please.” You call out. You don’t actually have to say please, but it sounds so much more polite.

As your Netflix queue comes up on screen you select a movie. The lighting dims and you settle in. A few minutes later your food arrives, and you have to get up. As you do the movie pauses itself and the lights come back up. If only there was someone to answer the door… “Search, Google ‘robots’.” You say. “Please.”


smart house devices

The central nervous system for all your smart home devices $299.00

  • Works with product gateways and bridges to connect all your devices including Philips Hue lights, Yale locks, Sonos Hi-Fi speakers, and Insteon sensors and switches.
  • Easily create home automations based on triggers from sensors, time, GPS location, or on-demand presets.
  • Start with 2-3 devices, and expand with more around your specific home and lifestyle needs.
  • 60-second setup of Smartphone App and Wi-Fi Hub (Ethernet not required).
  • Lifetime Service Included: No monthly service or subscription fees.
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Everything you need to smarten your home


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