What is the Raspberry Pi and What Can I use it for?

What is the Raspberry Pi and What Can I use it for?


The Raspberry Pi is an exceptionally affordable computer which is around the size of a credit card. These innovative little machines were first introduced to the public in 2011 when the manufacturers auctioned the first batch of Beta models on Ebay.


Originally designed as an aid to help students in schools learn more about computer technology they’ve since gone mainstream and the company responsible for them is a registered charity…so they’re not only brilliant but altruistic! The computer is powerful for it’s size but if can be made more powerful by overclocking which is not something most computer manufacturers recommend but which the Raspberry Pi Foundation knows people will try anyway…that’s why their website actually offers advice on how best to achieve it!


Overclocking could be a great way to prepare your Raspberry Pi for use in your smart home…it’s such a versatile device that you can use it to do all kinds of nifty things in the home…synching your music and your Christmas lights for instance! There is advice on how to achieve this online.


Another handy trick which the Pi can help you with is that of telling you’re the exact temperature in your home at any one time. For homes without a thermostat this is brilliant and the equipment (a cheap sensor) is only a few pounds to purchase.


Perhaps one of the most useful tricks which the Raspberry Pi can perform is that of turning into a control panel for any device which you may have in your home that works on AC power such as your lighting system…this means that essentially you can pre-programme your lights to come on at certain times of the day! This would be very useful for those who are not physically mobile or for times when you may be away and want the house to appear occupied.


Not only is the Raspberry Pi a very powerful little device considering it’s size but it’s also alarmingly simple to increase the power simply by connecting it to another computer…you could create a super power if you were so inclined; as a computer it’s small in stature but not in capability…just take a look around the internet to learn more about those who have tried this.


Raspberry Pi is such a clever and versatile device and so new that it’s possible that more discoveries will be made regarding its capabilities…some people are already using it to construct simple robotic arms in their own homes and it can be converted into a basic tablet, a camera and even a digital photo frame with relative ease. For those who are not as computer literate as others but who have an interest in the subject, the Raspberry Pi is a great place to start to learn more…after all these devices were created for educations purposes and they’re definitely fulfilling their part in that plan!


The Raspberry Pi is a great buy, not only for hobbyists but also anyone interested in a smart house and organising things to work in just the way they want them to be!

You can buy the basic starter kit for $49.95 at Amazon

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