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Raspberry Pi Projects to do With Your kids

Raspberry Pi Projects to do With Your Child

Eben Upton co-creator of the Raspberry pi, was thinking to himself that they would sell only about 1,000 and if things went too well, 10,000 pieces when they were creating the supercomputer. He could never have been so wrong. The community loved the idea. When the Raspberry pi model B was first launched, 100,000 units were sold in the very first day.

About two years later after the idea went big and into the market, over 2.5million pieces have been sold. This is great for a computer that has a 512Mb of Ram, 700MHz ARM11 chip and only needs an SD to act as storage. It may not sound as much but the computer with the size of a credit card has over the years been used in tablets, servers, smart phones and even smart glasses. This is however only the tip of the iceberg. The Raspberry pi can be used to make countless products. However, the question that most parents have is what their kids can do with the Raspberry pi. Well, read onto see some of the projects that your child with your help can work on.

The first project that you could work on is a door answering system. Most old people as well as disabled people do not have the ability to answer their own doors. When left alone in the house, this can prove to be a real challenge. However, with the Raspberry pi, this can be solved. A system that has a wireless keypad on the neck of the old or disabled person can be made which enables them to answer the door from any part of the house. With the key, they can as well as send a message to the guest and even unlock the door for them. You can also incorporate a system that will allow someone at the other end to key and code and gain access to the house.

Most schools tend to have competitions that most of the times include races. For such competitions however, the major challenge comes when you are timing the runners. Getting an accurate time is difficult especially for runners who cross the finish line neck to neck. You can work on a device that makes the process of obtaining this data easier. Build a device that requires a runner to tap the device with a tag which in turn logs their time and uploads it to a website where it is available to the public to view. This may even generate friendly competitions among the runners.

A pill dispenser is also another project that your child can work on. If you have at one point been put under medication for a particular illness, then you probably know how tasking it is to keep track of the tm end the number of pills that you are meant to take at a stipulated time. This can be especially problematic for the sick elderly citizens. An automated pill dispenser will make the management of medicine way easier. The Raspberry dispenser can be programmed to administer the drugs at the specified dosage and at the correct times of the day or night. You can even add a functionality that senses that the drugs have not been taken once dispensed by alerting another family member.

Children tend to be traumatized by events such as burglary or any other scary events that happen around them. To help protect your child against such an experience, you could work on a system that deters the burglars from coming into your home. The simplest way to do this is making the lights switch on and off throughout the night at intervals fooling the thieves. This can be made by a Raspberry pi.

You can even help your child make something more challenging. With the current industrialization that is going on all over the world, the weather and the climate have become less predictable than before. As a result, people can never be too sure when to carry an umbrella and when not to. Helping your child, you could build a Raspberry Pi device that records the air quality through several sensors and upload the information to the internet. Here it can be viewed via the smart phones, tablets or even Pc’s. The device should be able to measure humidity, smoke, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

These projects will require you to help the child along the way and help him/her have fun along the way.

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