smart robotic automated sprinkler

The Smart Reliable Automatic Robotic Sprinkler

The New Droplet is the Most Reliable Automatic Robotic Sprinkler on the Market

We all have good intentions when it comes to planting our gardens in the springtime, it’s when we realize all the work that must be done to care for it properly where the trouble comes in. Now a new product called the Droplet hopes to take care of all your watering needs.

The Droplet combines robotics, cloud computing, and satellite connected services to access real-time data from a network of over 10,000 weather stations comprehensive biological plant information, and millions of square miles of United States soil samples. Using this load of information, the Droplet is able to determine when, where, and precisely how much water to disperse – and then deliver it at the appropriate angle, making it a very smart gadget. Not only will this product save your valuable time, but it will also save you a considerable amount of money on plants and by conserving water.


Setting up the Droplet is a snap and the whole system can be ready to go in under five minutes. All you need to do is connect your garden hose to the Droplet, turn on the power, and then connect the system to your existing Wi-Fi network and Smartphone. Then all you so is add the pertinent information regarding the types of plant you have and where they are located and it’s ready to use! Of course you will need to input the types of plants you have and where they are located in your yard. The whole system is configured through your Smartphone, a tablet, or by visiting the Droplet company website.


The Droplet Company claims that the reliable automatic sprinkler can water any number of plants, and is only limited by the amount you choose to enter in to the system. It’s also worth mentioning that the Droplet can be used to water entire lawns as well. Water range is as follows:

For Normal Watering:

30 feet, or 2,700 square feet

For High-Pressure Watering:

50 feet, or 9,000 square feet

For Agricultural Watering:

Several hundred feet

So start conserving water and saving money today and let this incredibly smart device do the watering on your property while you concentrate on more important things.

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