Smart Watches – The Future of Mobile

The era of hand-helds when it comes to mobile computing may be near its end thanks to the invention of smart watches. The trend, it seems, is leaning towards “wearables” or devices that you can actually wear and not only bring with you. The smart watch also signals a new era in the history of the wrist watch. Gone are the days when the wrist watch is just a device that can tell the time. It can now do many things. There are wrist watches that can tell the temperature and give an altitude and barometer reading. Then there are also watches that can monitor your heart rate. With the development of smart watches though, the wrist watch seems to have reached a whole new and exciting evolutionary stage, one that will surely change the way we view watches and mobile computing devices.


The origin of the smart watch


Many people do not know about it but the idea behind the smart watch has been brewing since the 1970s. During that era, the Hamilton Watch Company which was based in the United States was able to develop the “Pulsar” watch. Many experts consider this invention as the precursor of the smart watches of today. But if one is really going to be strict about it, the smart watch is nothing but an offshoot of the smart phone. Therefore, the real smart watches could not have been invented before the development of the first smart phone.


Operating system


Then you would have to ask, “What makes a smart phone smart?” We consider some people smart because of their minds. For gadgets such as phones, the equivalent of the mind is the operating system. Currently, there are two mobile operating systems that matter, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. So if you will ask the opinion of some experts, only watches running on iOS or Android or at least a device that could integrate with either OS can be truly considered as smart watches. The first device that bear the name smart watch is the Sony Smart Watch.” Though it could integrate with Sony phones that run on Android, it has its own operating system. The first watch to have an Android operating system is the Samsung Gear. A limitation though of the Gear is the fact that, so far, it only works with Samsung Galaxy devices.

smart watches

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch









Small chips


Can you imagine wearing your 5 inch smart phone on your wrist? It would be awkward and cumbersome right? The development of the smart phone would not have been possible without developments in hardware technology that allowed the assembly of small computer chips. In fact, all wearable devices would not have been a reality if small computer chips were not invented. Google Glass, the wearable Internet-enabled camera from the world’s biggest tech company, also owes its existence to the development of small computer chips.


Next gen smart watch


Speaking of Google, the company’s affiliate Motorola is coming out with smart watch called the Moto 360. Unlike its predecessors, the Moto 360 will be an analogue watch with a digital twist. It promises to be more stylish than its predecessors with its elegant face and changeable leather bands. Looks is not the only thing going for the Moto 360. It also promises to be feature-packed. It can be operated with subtle hand movements and voice. And because it is from Google, you can expect it to have the latest Android flavor. The Moto 360 is expected to be released this summer.

smart watch

Moto 360 Smart Watch








Another company though is planning to release a stylish analogue smart watch. Box Clever is coming out with its own wearable device called ths Span. Released pictures of the Span shows a beautiful black watch with a round face. Across the face is a black band where the unobtrusive OLED screen is located. With the Span, you get all the things that you expect from a smart watch. But the major advantage of the Span though lies in its looks. Not only is it the most beautiful smart watch, it can even rival some of the most elegant watches in the market.

smart watches

Span Smart Watch






It is expected that in the coming months or years, more and more companies will be having their own versions of the smart watch. It seems that we are in for some exciting times ahead.